My Beliefs

I believe I can positively impact millions of people I believe I am a good person I believe that I am always good I believe that happiness is the core of who I am I believe that life is easy I believe that success is personal I believe that I can do no wrong  

Self-Extensions, not Self-Projections

You can project yourself or extend yourself. Self-projection is based on how you want others to see you and self-extension is based on how you see yourself. Self-projecting has been a regular pattern in my life. I am aware of when I am doing it and often it goes on for years. I can also … Continue reading Self-Extensions, not Self-Projections

Start Where You Are, Not Where You Want to Be

    If your desire is not in line with the action you take, you will most likely not reach your desired result. You must learn to start where you are, not where you want to be. It is a misconception that taking action is the key to success. Even when those who are successful … Continue reading Start Where You Are, Not Where You Want to Be