Solid Advice for Online Success

[L]earn and execute. It's common for people to either learn too much and execute too little, or learn too little and execute too much. This balance is very powerful and important to keep in check. - Johannes Larsson This is some of the best advice I've read recently regarding starting an online business. Maybe it's because the … Continue reading Solid Advice for Online Success

A Simple Way to be Productive and Track Your Progress in 2018

Note: this post is also part of my blogging fundamentals course which is about identifying my audience. While it isn't about spirituality or law of attraction stuff, it is about sharing with you a straightforward and practical way to improve your life. So, here it goes... ActiveGrowth: Shane Melaugh I recently signed up again to receive … Continue reading A Simple Way to be Productive and Track Your Progress in 2018

Product, Personality, Content

This post/topic doesn't have much to do with the purpose of the blog, but, then again, it must because I was inspired by it. I've attempted starting and keeping a blog many times before and recently started again. (this one) Mainly to help start my life in more desired direction, and the other reason is … Continue reading Product, Personality, Content