You Live How You Know

I signed up for a T. Harv Eker webinar yesterday and just got done listening to it. The free webinar is called The Ultimate Life Makeover. In it, he goes through his 7 step system to change your life. The steps are:

  1. Choose the area of your life you want to improve (he listed 8 to choose from)
  2. Answer, why you want this area to change?
  3. Ask yourself, why don’t I already have it?
  4. What is your strategy or plan? Your how.
  5. What is your first action? (make it easy)
  6. Commit to doing your first action in one day
  7. Reward yourself for completing this first action

Most of this is pretty standard in the self-help world. At the end are his pitches for his monthly (4) life coaching program and his one-on-one mentorship. The first is $297 mo. the latter is $1,000 mo.

What I chose

So, to go through the steps, here are my answers:

One) My focus area: Finance: means to mewealth accumulation, wealth abundance, financial growth, financial freedom, financial security, financial happiness., money to come easily and joyfully to me. (I thought the financial happiness answer was interesting. Along with it, I added financial happiness = emotional happiness.)

Two) Why do I want this? (with this question, he gives 3 others to actually respond to)

  • Why is it important to you? – lead to more life experiences, mental clarity
  • What is the pain of not having this now? – no growth, no life-connection
  • What will it feel like when it happens? – uplifting, thriving, exuberant, exhilarating

Three) Why don’t I already have it? (wealth) – This is the question which prompted an honest, raw answer and the reason for this post.

Answers: it’s how I was raised. The environment I grew up in. It’s what I know.

I know how to financially struggle. I know how to scrape and get by. I know how to get a job for average pay or whatever the employer decides to offer me. I know how to work for $10 hr.

Just as they say in writing, write what you know. Really, it’s the only thing you can write. You can’t write about something you don’t know – you can’t write how you imagine or think it will or could be like, but not from a knowing aspect.

And that’s the thing, I don’t know how to be rich, wealthy and be financially free. Yes, I can learn. And there are tons of ways to do it. But getting to a point of experienced understanding is the missing link.

That’s why it’s easy for those who once had wealth, who’ve lost it, to get it back. They know what it feels like. What that experience is like. They have a built-in reference point. Those who haven’t, are only guessing and imagining what it would feel like. Look back at the question 2c – What will it feel like when it happens? It’s based on my imagination, not actual experience.

I could go on about this specific topic, but, I’ll continue on with my answers.

Four) The plan, your How? Writing, online blog/website, selling original content, partnering, affiliates, classes, workshops.

Five) the First action (something easy) – write this post.

Six) Commitment – write a statement committing myself to this action.

Seven) Reward – food

And then the pitch to join his coaching program..$297 for four months.

I suppose it would be worth it. I really do think having a coach would be beneficial. Having someone in my life to look up to and get direction from would help. Not having someone I can relate to and work with, I believe, is a big factor why I still stay in the same financial position.



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