Keep Writing

It’s been four days since I last posted. It’s been a rough month, but, today is going well. While I’m working on some other posts – one on why working doesn’t suck and another on the reptilian brain, I wanted to post something to keep the writing momentum going. If either of those topics sounds interesting, make sure you subscribe. (I’m actually looking forward to the post on the reptilian brain – it’s shaping up to be very informative!)

This post is really just to remain active. Keeping my writing up is important to my online goals. Writing may get more challenging as the weather gets better, my day job picks up and I may even get a part-time job?

I stumbled onto Chris Guillebeau. I guess he’s a really popular blogger and makes a living online. Seems like a nice guy, so I’ll read some of his thoughts on making money with your blog. If that’s something you’re shooting for, he has lots of info about work here.


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