You Receive What You Are Feeling


All illness is focusing on what you don’t want. Whether you call it mental illness or physical – it’s there because you give it your attention. Always. What you receive is the result of what you consistently feel.

There is no disease more powerful than the true nature of who you are – an eternal spiritual being. If there was a disease more powerful than your true nature, it would be ruling the Universe. It isn’t.

If you don’t want to experience something or someone or some event, don’t give it your attention. Learn to look and feel another way. You don’t need to label them any psychological term or diagnose its behavior – just focus your mind on something else that makes you feel good. When you put in the time and effort to make that your daily thought process, your unwanted experiences will wither away.

This isn’t wishful thinking. It’s how the Universe works. It’s how you work. Stop blaming and complaining about what other people are doing or not doing…because that’s focusing on what you don’t want.

Focus on what you do want.

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