Two Simple Tips to Increase Site Visitors

I typed in “self-publishing” in Google and didn’t expect to write a post about what I liked. These two things are simple and effective. For one, they result in the #2 spot on the first search page of Google. And two, because as a visitor, I noticed them. The site in reference is Jane Friedman.

Start Here (with Jane Friedman)

The first is Jane’s use of “Start here” in the SEO title. (Many people tweak their SEO title using the Yoast SEO plugin. I think your site needs to be self-hosted or on the highest WordPress plan)

The “start here” term has been used in website tabs for years – I actually find it annoying – but, it works. I’m sure there are more who use this in their SEO title, and her use of it here works.

One ‘Start Here’ is Better than 5 Stars

The other interesting thing is that as much as people find ratings helpful, Jane’s Start Here is at #3 while the five-star rating result is #7. And there are over 100 reviews. A smart thing to do would create a self-publishing video. There are none for this search and I’m sure would easily get into the top five.

Next class


Coming Next

The other thing I liked was how she lets visitors know what class is coming up next. That lets users anticipate the class. Maybe she could add a sign-up button to be notified when it’s open. I don’t think I’ve seen this on other sites. Usually, these types of things are shown with a timer on a squeeze page. Or sent to email subscribers.

Possible improvements

She could put the class outline beneath her ad so visitors can easily read and see how they would benefit. Another thing to improve would be to add a calendar either above or below. This would make visitors look at the date and give them a moment to mentally take note. Also, showing visitors the number of past attendees might help boost subscribers.

What are your thoughts? Think these are helpful?

Next class


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