Who is Supporting You?

Are you attracting the right support for yourself? Not all support is in your best interest – you need to know what type you need and who is giving it to you.

Three sources of support:

  1. Those who support you in where they want you to go/do/be
  2. Those who support you where you currently are
  3. And those who support you where you desire to go/do/be

There is a multitude of support groups and programs online. It’s easy to click join or sign up and immediately feel you’re part of a support network. You get that immediate sense of hope that these people will understand…they will know me.

How you identify with yourself will lead you to the support for that identity.  Choose your identities carefully. If you don’t like where they are taking you or the people who are surrounding you, change your identity. Change the way you see yourself. Replace or reframe the belief you have given yourself.

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