Leading or Stepping to Your Desired Outcome?


How we use words dramatically impacts what they mean to us.

While at work, I would regularly tell myself how much my client/homeowner would love the results. (I do interior house painting) Though this is more of self-talk or self-praise, it was still the use and choice of words that made me feel a certain way. I knew I was doing a great job, and I would imagine my client thinking and saying the same thing.

But as I am learning to describe my thoughts – for this blog and potentially a book – I am doing my best to understand my own experiences and how to clearly present them. Most recently, this involves the words leading and stepping.

To get an idea, ask yourself if you would rather be lead somewhere or take steps to get there? Is taking action that leads you to your desire feel any different than taking steps to your desire?

I started thinking about this because I did a Google search for Tony Robbins belief cycle.

Potential > Action > Results > Beliefs

Making the link to my beliefs and my desired outcomes has been the missing part for me. I link Tony with beliefs because it’s one of his core teachings in his book Awaken the Giant Within, which I’ve listened to at least 100 times.

In the video describing his success or belief cycle, he explains that (little) results prove or show you how little potential there is, thus, diminishing your belief. He then says that if you are certain you will succeed – you have a deep belief that you will, it leads to more potential. I do agree with that. What I don’t agree with is that just because there is a little result, doesn’t mean your initial belief is weak or non-existent.

Think about it. If you fully believe something, the tiniest result will fuel you and invigorate you. Why? Because you already believe it is possible. Because you already believe it is possible, the outcome is inevitable.

I got off topic for a bit, but it’s important to point out the differences in how words make us feel and see in ways that resonate with our own self.

How does this sound?

So if I’m explaining to someone how they can get from point A to point B, you have to follow these steps….would they be more inspired or does taking steps take more work?

You have to start with doing this. Then, after that, do this. Once that is done, you will be able to take this step. After that, you can finally do the last part.


You start with this. Doing that leads to this point. That result leads you to here, and then, finally, the last part.

I know this is a super simplified example, but, I’m just thinking out loud. I prefer using the word lead or leading, rather than step or steps.

Your thought?

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