Solid Advice for Online Success

[L]earn and execute. It’s common for people to either learn too much and execute too little, or learn too little and execute too much. This balance is very powerful and important to keep in check.

– Johannes Larsson

This is some of the best advice I’ve read recently regarding starting an online business. Maybe it’s because the other stuff I’ve heard is bland – work hard, take action, grow your email list

The advice is from Johannes Larsson, who at 25, works wherever he wants and makes $400k in passive income. You can read the full article at Forbes.

I see these suggestions as more detailed. You read them and easily say to yourself, “Yep. That makes sense.”

His advice:

  • establish your dream team right away
  • learn AND execute
  • only take in what you can put to use that day
  • do what others won’t

Check out the complete article here.

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