More About the Process (Reaching your desired outcome)


I am repeatedly being drawn back to “the process”. And thankfully, I enjoy it. There’s something about being entrenched in it – not lost, not frustrated, not depressed – that makes me feel alive.

I was reminded of this from an email I just received from David Siteman Garland. David creates and teaches people how to create online courses. He is one of the guys I subscribed to in recent months. (mainly as I again, make my way to an online business)

In his email, he describes his journey which started back in 2008. (My interest in making money online started in 2010 – and like him, have made many attempts)

But, his point was to share his experience and variety of businesses and ideas  – from podcasts to starting a Web TV show – and to emphasize that his success was not quick or without failure. He mentions how he came across online courses by accident while interviewing other online course creators. As David explained,

I discovered the world of online courses (by accident when I interviewed a few online course creators on my podcast and I was instantly HOOKED) and started creating my own products and programs (first one was Create Awesome Interviews!) and also experimenting with other things like online events, etc.

I struggled big time to get to the six-figure mark and when I did in 2010 (by the hair of my chinny-chin chin $100,020) and was more excited than you could possibly imagine. And then grew to a quarter million sales in 2012 (through courses like Create Awesome Interviews, etc.).

Self Start Your Life is an idea or theme I’ve had a for a good year or so, and am still in the process of carving out what it will be. That is, how will it best serve and be useful for others and allow me to best (and enjoy) creating and providing that information.

As the site is now, it’s mainly for me to get my ideas out, become a better writer, see what areas, topics, I deeply resonate with and then deciding which avenues to best present them.

  • online courses?
  • ebooks?
  • lead magnets?
  • webinars?
  • etc.

This is the process of me starting an online business. Again. Yet, this time, it feels different. There is a youthfulness that seems to have been replaced with a watchful eye, one from a shallow distance enough to observe what’s going on.

The other thing that is different, is it’s more personal this time. What do I mean by personal? What do I mean by personal? I think it’s more personal because I will be selling or offering stuff I have gone through. Not sure if that makes sense? I think there’s a part of me, now while writing this, that feels a slight sense of fear, vulnerability, unknown. Not that I’m not worthy of presenting information or services that can help others, but, I’m not sure when. That is, when will I be ready? When will I feel sure with what I am talking about – enough that I am confident, and not just another schmuck selling “change your life in 5 easy steps!” or “take my 30-day challenge – sign up now!

I see all those ads and the numbers of views they may have, and I say to myself, “People buy that?”

Maybe my problem is I take it too seriously. I’ve wondered many times if that was my problem and the reason I never stuck with an idea long enough to see adequate results.

But, that’s not me. I believe how I present myself and literally, the vibe I give off attracts the right people. I am a firm believer that the quality of people that come into my life is a direct result of the person or being that I am being. So when I find myself around people I don’t jive with, I make conscious decisions to adjust my thoughts and desires. That’s the process.

And I’m not saying all those types of ads and programs are scams or garbage – they’re just advertising in ways that work.

Anyways…I’m excited to where Self Start Your Life can go and what it will be. I look forward to having content I feel good about offering and sharing. This time around I am making more effort in my own development and improvement which will lead to the direction of this site. In years past, I was very much influenced by what online marketers were saying and doing. Now, I am still influenced by them ( I sign up for the emails, read their posts, and by their products) but I don’t let it override my core intentions. I am just as much interested in seeing them as role models as well as selling and providing useful and well thought out products.

I feel good now. This was a relieving post for me. I enjoyed writing and getting my head cleared out. The last day or two I felt a bit cloudy and I needed to take action and relieve some clogged energy.

I look forward to what this could become. I look forward to finding and meeting other role models. I look forward to having actual items (structured content) to offer people. I look forward to experiencing the life I dream and envision – of living in a nice loft style apartment, driving nice cars, wearing nice clothing, sharing my life with a loved one, visiting distant family whenever I want, and building on and adding to what Self Start Your Life can become.

It’s good to dream. It’s good to envision what possibilities are possible. It all comes down to consistency and clarity. They are like the grains of sand in an hourglass leading to the desired outcome on the other side.

On to other inspirations.

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