Are You Influenced by Science/Research or Your Own Experience?

[The original title was Do You Trust Science/Research or Your Own Experience?]


I’m not really sure if trust is the best word to use for the title, but the headline was spurred by my coming across James Clear. James helps you understand and develop better habits based on proven scientific research.

Maybe I’m just being a jerk and trying to look for something to go against. I often seem to want to go against what the expert is saying mainly because their results will frequently change later on – even though I do that too. (Whoops! Thought that was the reason, but now we know this is.)

On the other hand, I like the way James presents his information. He’s obviously knowledgeable in what he talks about and has helped thousands of people. I particularly like this video in which he describes hot and cold triggers that lead us to action or not. (the video is about half-way down the page)

So, are you influenced by your experience or (scientific) research?

I’d have to say, both.

I know the reason I like the books Good to Great and Now, Discover Your Strengths is because of the results found based on the research. They resonate with me. I see them more as personal development books than business or management.

Why is that? Why do I resonate with them and do so quickly after picking them up? Is there something within me that draws me in, something of a past experience or possibly current belief? It seems as though it is my current belief which leads me to a particular subject – which is either research-based or not – that adds to or reinforces my belief. Does that make the science data, right?

I don’t think so. I’d rather not believe so. Why? Because I believe our ability to use conscious choice will always trump researched data. Our lives and how life works isn’t defined by human data. Yes, there is the study of human behavior, but there is much more to us – there is also spiritual behavior which is at the core of our desired experiences which we experience through our bodies and call it human behavior.

Your Habitual Behavior

James’ outlook on living our lives better is worth checking into. I downloaded his Transform Your Habits guide a few minutes ago (haven’t read it yet) and I’m curious to learn more about what he says to make our lives better.

He also has courses and another free ebook on being more creative. His site is simple and has with well thought out linked categories that correspond to the tabs. (articles, podcasts, reading list)

In the end, I suppose it doesn’t really matter if it’s scientific research that helps you or being aware of how you experience things – the end result – improvement/happiness, is what’s important.

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