Don’t Dismiss Your Dominant Thoughts


For about a decade or so, skateboarding was my sport. I loved the freedom and constant opportunity to learn, grow, try new tricks and witness my progress. But sometimes, when I would set my board down in front of me and give it a push, instead of going straight, it would veer to the left or right. We would say it was guided.

Skateboard bushing

The reason it did this is because the bushing was squished more on one side and caused the truck (axle type thing) to turn. So, this squish on the left side would pull the board dominantly to the left. To compensate, you would have to lean more to the right (put more of your weight on that side). This took a little more effort until the bushing evened itself out and you could ride it with better control.

The squished bushing is like a dominant thought or belief – you automatically go that way. And if this dominant thought, or way, makes you unhappy, angry or somewhere along those lines, it tends to affect how you go about your day. (or life)

An example would be how you feel about being single (alone). So, when you think about being single, you automatically head towards your guided or dominant thoughts which make you feel a dominant emotion about being single. Like the bushing, you’re leaning to one side of the emotional spectrum.

Now, if this dominant way is not what you want, just like putting more effort into evening out the bushing, it will take a bit of effort to think and believe a better feeling thought.

Most people would rather not put in the conscious effort to replace and redirect how they think even though doing so would lead to a more pleasant life experience. People have become too comfortable with how things are…Well, that’s just how life is and there’s nothing I can do about it…is a common frame of mind acceptance.

If you’re not going to take responsibility for where you are in life, and accept you’re the one that brought you to where you are, then you’re just going to let your unwanted dominant thoughts guide you to where you don’t want to be.

(The other thing about the bushing being guided, is that, it didn’t come that way…I caused it to do that or behave like that. I didn’t blame the manufacturer, the store where I bought it, or anything for that matter. I took responsibility for how it behaved, took corrective action – knowing that doing so would make using it more enjoyable – and went on having fun.)

You see the problem. (unwanted feelings about a particular subject) You know how to solve it. (making conscious effort to think differently about it) And you know the results of both ways. (what type of life experience you will have)

Create new dominant thoughts. Ones that will lead and guide you to a more fun-filled, satisfying and fulfilling life.

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