Be Honest with Yourself, Not Hard on Yourself

Making an effort to positively change your life, especially when you’ve been in a rut for a long time, can at times make you pessimistic. That is, your efforts rarely seem to make the difference or lead you to the results you’re looking for.

Learning to replace established behaviors that lead you to further into your well worn rut takes time. There are exceptions, people can stop and quit unwanted behaviors cold turkey, as they say. And that’s great. Some people are just at a point where that can happen. But no matter what, you have to be honest with yourself with where you are at – emotionally, spiritually, mentally, behavorily….If not, instead of replacing what isn’t working for you, you’ll be increasing it or adding to it, which can lead to a repeated cycle.

If you’ve been through this cycle, you’ll know what I’m talking about. So how do you get out of it or avoid it completely?

Self Start Your Life is about learning to make your desired life changes, gradually.

To do this, you must tell yourself from the outset that this change is going to be a process. You can think of it like compound interest…your efforts that will lead you to your desired outcome will, at first, feel harder. As soon as you can accept that and expect that, relief (mental, spiritual) is instantly given. That’s your starting point.

Another thing to keep in mind about this process, is that it will never end. You are always in a state of continual, expanding process. Just as your thoughts continually come, the process of getting from here to there is always occurring. Being able to place yourself into your own desired process will make it enjoyable simply because you now have a belief that your wanted change will happen.

The daily efforts that lead to your wanted change will gradually build momentum. The rut or ruts that you are in, have been years or even decades in the making. They have all that time of built up momentum. Your consistent daily efforts for change are little by little replacing those behaviors and patterns. Every once in a while, you will go through a period of relief. This period of relief may even feel odd or unfamiliar as your identity is so wrapped and entrenched in your unwanted ways of being. This relief a great sign that your new actions are making progress.

The other good thing is that just as your unwanted ways have momentum, so will your new wanted ways of being. Remember how I mentioned the compound interest above, this is what I was referring to. As you apply your new thoughts and inspired actions on a consistent basis, they will add to one another each time you apply them. Now, from my experience, this may take a few months depending what you are replacing and how much energy is behind it. But, like anything else in life, the more you do something, the easier it becomes until the effort it once took to start, is now replaced by the weight of its’ own current.

This will happen. Just stick with it. Be honest with where you’re at, and start from there.

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