We Have Become Masters of Reading “How To” Steps



As I look back on my last year or two and mentally browse through the online courses, how-to’s, tips, steps, and programs I’ve bought, downloaded, swiped, and read…I have to ask myself…have I made any progress?

Oh, wait, there’s that thing called applying, or as the self improvement specialists call, taking (massive) action. I still have no clue what massive action is? Is running a marathon instead of a 5k massive action? Does it mean doing more?

So, what gives?

For one, I, and many others see reading about something as doing it or equate it to experiencing it. Why? Because it feels good, or at least I feel good, while reading all these techniques, strategies, and answers.

Hey, look at me, I bought a course and I’m taking action and working on being successful!

Unfortunately, reading about something doesn’t work like it does in the Matrix…the information isn’t downloaded into our brains and then seconds later, we are set to go.

And it’s not that the courses, books, and content I’ve bought are bad or misguided or not helpful…some of it is, but you can usually tell who is genuine in what product/service they are selling. So, I’m not blaming them.

So, now what?

While I certainly feel and see a benefit to having and following steps, my desire is not to incorporate them on Self Start Your Life. At this point, if I offered of series of 5 Steps to Self Start Your Life, I wouldn’t feel as though I did all I could to genuinely help someone improve their life. (For the very reason that most people won’t follow through with the steps…although I could be wrong in thinking that. I’m just going with the fact that if following steps were that easy, there’d be many more people achieving their goals and desired successes.)

What is it…what’s going on that prevents us from taking action?

For me, it’s come down to how I am being. (That whole Be-Do-Have concept is finally starting to sink in.) That I need to change my behavior in order to have what I want.

For those whose behavior already supports their desires or more importantly, their belief combined with their behavior, following a how to process will be much easier. Their starting foundation matches their desired results.

Until you understand how you are being at each moment, throughout your daily life and why you are being that way – you will most likely not do what is needed in order to reach the results you desire. (the ones you just paid for in that book, online course, coaching session, etc.)

We have to align how we are being with the steps needed to take. Match our being with the right action. That is the starting point.

For example, writing a book is a popular online course these days. I’ve bought one and have considered others. But, my point is, if the instructor is saying for example, in step 3 or part 4 of the course, you need to set aside 30 minutes a day to write for the next 30 – 60 days…well, if I don’t normally set aside 30 minutes in my daily life, then, chances are, I’m going to have a hard time following through.

So, what do I need to be in order to do that action? What frame of mind? What state of mind? And, how do I get there? How do I be that way?

Well, that’s what Self Start Your Life is all about.

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