Are You Struggling or Resisting?


Struggle is a way or word I used to describe (parts) my life. I am struggling to get by. I am struggling to make more money. I am struggling to live in a place I desire. And on and on. I didn’t see all of my life like that, but, it’s pretty common to hear people describe that way.

The definition of struggle is: make forceful or violent efforts to get free of restraint or constriction.

Now, clearly that isn’t what I’ve done in my life – I wasn’t forcing myself violently to get free of any situation or circumstance. Mentally, perhaps, but, it certainly isn’t an accurate way to describe my experience.

Then there’s resistance. The definition of resistance is: the refusal to accept or comply with something; the attempt to prevent something by action or argument.

Hmmm. Would it be fair to say that I was refusing to accept my behavior and thoughts in how they were preventing me from experiencing what I wanted? If I’m struggling, I’m going against something. If I’m resisting, I’m disallowing something from happening.

In other words, I wasn’t struggling to make more money, live in a nice area or drive a nice car…it was how I was being that wasn’t allowing those things to occur.

A big difference. A drastic difference.

We all want to be and feel part of something even if it damages us. The desire to feel part of Life is an immense driving force of our own being. This is why I say it’s important that people understand the difference of where they get support from.

For example, if you want to excel at something, you would get support from those who have worked beyond where you are. If you experience depression, is getting support from others who also experience it going to help you get beyond it? Or, is it giving you more of a bond and sense of belonging and identity?

Sure, it’s helpful to be around those who understand where you’re at, but, there’s a reason they aren’t at that level. And if you’re ready to be done with depression, you would learn more about how they operate and approach their life.

So, I guarantee you’re not struggling in your life or with Life – you’re resisting it. How do you know what you’re resisting? Resistance will bring about repeated circumstances or experiences you do not want. If you find yourself in a rut, you have developed a way of being or habitual patterns (thought patterns, behavior patterns) that are repeating what you’re experiencing.

Resistance also doesn’t feel good. To counter it, think of what you want and good thoughts to associate with it. Those are the thoughts you should focus on.

Desired Subject

If my desired subject is to make more money and my current consistent thoughts about money are making me feel like crap (I don’t have enough, it’s hard to make a good living, only rich people have it, etc.), well, that’s just going to reinforce what I don’t want because that’s my belief. There is no struggle…I’m not forcing myself to break free of anything…I’m just thinking in a way that doesn’t benefit my desire.

A few days ago while meditating a thought came to me about money that made me feel good…it was a new outlook for me. And that thought was, making money is fun!

Yes, making money is fun because I get to be creative, help other people, work with great people, do things I enjoy and on and on. That thought doesn’t resist, it allows and welcomes opportunities to make money and have fun doing it.

You must learn to feel good about what you want even if you don’t yet have it.



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