Another Expert Myth and Misunderstanding


In his latest book, High Performance Habits, the last habit is Demonstrate Courage. (And, to be honest, I haven’t read the book – I’m just going from a breakdown from Inc. magazine and what I’ve read on his site.)

The first thing is that he states that these habits must be consciously done all the time, which to me sounds more like action steps than a habit?

It’s interesting how Brendon labels their (high performers) situations as “struggles” even though these high performers don’t see them that way. So why does he call these circumstances “struggles”…because that will sell more books?

High performers describe these struggles as simply being “patient through the process” or being “OK with other people doubting or judging them.” To them, IT’S NOT A STRUGGLE! That’s a very important factor that Brendon misunderstands with his 20 years of research!

If I’m desiring to be a “high performer”, I want to know why they see situations as they do and how I can develop those attributes. There’s a reason they don’t call them struggles – what is it? I don’t want a researcher or high performance coach to label it something it is not – I want the person who is being studied to describe it.

The other thing is that this…

Courage comes from wanting to serve one person or one unit: wife, husband, family, a small group of people. The will to work through uncertainty or fear comes from wanting to serve someone who needs help.

If you want the courage to stay the course, to overcome obstacles, to honor the struggle, don’t focus on changing the world. Decide who you’re doing it for, and then work hard for them.

Nope. Bullshit.

The only reason you help another is because at some level, conscious or not, it benefits YOU. That’s why these high performers, or any of us, do what we do. Yes, we can say that the other person is our reason, they inspire us – but everything always comes back to us – it’s our nature to feel good. And if that means helping others, then so be it.

That doesn’t take or demonstrate courage – it’s signifies a personal desire which brings me to this…

nothing happens without desire, why do these experts always seem to leave that out and focus on what comes after that initial desire? If there is no desire to improve, grow, expand…there is no habit to perform.

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