My Progress Report: Getting Into the Vortex Guided Meditation

I am eager to tell you about my recent point of attraction shift. It wasn’t something I was expecting, and when I noticed it about a week or so ago…well, I was pleasantly surprised.

Law of Attraction books

A (Quick) Re-cap

It was about 6 months ago when I bought the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations CD/book. Like most people, I wanted to attract more money, and sure, feel good too. So, I mainly focused on the Financial Well Being meditation. The thing was, I was doing it for the wrong reasons, or specifically, I was approaching it from a non-supportive place. I was coming from a place of lack, rather than a place of feeling good.

The other reason for listening to the CD…politics.

I was so worked up and got easily worked up over the whole political sphere here in the United States. I never got involved much in politics, but, decided it was the thing I was supposed to do, and should be doing. So, in 2016-17, that’s what I did. I just wanted to be part of something, and feel like I was doing my part.

And so, after months or maybe a year of the whole political scene, my emotions were just so entrenched that it was obviously affecting my quality of life.

Locally, there is this one homeowner whose house I would drive by a few times a week. This guy has about 15 political signs (bought and homemade), flags, and cut-outs of politicians just covering his front lawn. So, whenever I drove by, I would see these and my blood would simply begin to boil. Despite how I felt, it was difficult to resist. That was my emotional point of attraction. And, it needed to change.

My solution: I stopped reading Google news, deactivated my facebook account, and gave the Vortex CD another shot.

The (Gradual) Shift

I made this using Canva. It’s off center, but, still pretty cool, I think.

Like I said, when I first listened to the guided meditation CD, my approach was misguided. Now, my purpose was to simply to feel good. I no longer wanted to be caught up in the emotional political storm. I wanted out of that world, and wanted control of my own. And feeling good was priority.

It was about 4 weeks ago when I began to listen to the CD again. This time, I focused on the General Well Being meditation. I did this morning and evening for 2 weeks or so. It was during the third week that I noticed a calmness in myself. My anger has practically dissipated. What also was and is a great feeling, is that it occurred to me that I’ve been driving past this house with all the signs, and not even glancing over. Nothing. I completely forgot that it was there. It’s a very freeing feeling!

To me, this is all because of the daily use of listening to the Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditation CD. Sure, I left facebook for a while and cut back on news media, but to have this much relief, is a really good feeling. It’s so much nicer to be able to focus on other things – like this blog and future desires. My relationships with people and family are less resistant. Most important, my relationship with myself has improved.


So, I consciously changed my point of attraction. Now it’s just taking it day by day. I am in the worst financial shape I have ever been, but, it is what it is and I’m making progress. My point of attraction has shifted from one of political fury to ease and relief. And that is good.

I forgot to mention…

I just want to point out that when I started using the Guided Meditations 6 months ago or so, I did not sync with it easily. What I mean is, my breathing was not in line with the music count breathe in 1..2..3..breathe out 4..5..6..7..8…breathe in 1..2..3..breathe out….

Not only that, but, I am a fidgety and antsy meditator. I have gotten better. My breathing is more in flow with the music, though I still move a bit. But, honestly, meditation is not about what your body is doing…it’s really about your breath and your mind. Too many people focus on looking spiritual or looking like they’re at peace, (just about every magazine photo) rather that being at peace.

And the other thing, I don’t care if I’m moving around or my thoughts are all over the place – hell, I’ll pick my nose if I want – the only one that matters is YOU and how you feel.

Go at your pace and you will make progress!

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