A Simple Way to be Productive and Track Your Progress in 2018

Note: this post is also part of my blogging fundamentals course which is about identifying my audience. While it isn’t about spirituality or law of attraction stuff, it is about sharing with you a straightforward and practical way to improve your life. So, here it goes…

ActiveGrowth: Shane Melaugh

I recently signed up again to receive info from Thrive Themes and ActiveGrowth. Shane Melaugh is Co-founder, I believe, of Thrive Themes and ActiveGrowth is his personal blog/site.

I was part of the Thrive Themes membership a year or so ago, and highly recommend looking into their themes and plug-ins. Shane and his team are highly skilled at what they do, professional, provide useful content. They are one of the online businesses I look up to, along with Pat Flynn. If you’re thinking about growing your online business, consider their products. (not affiliate links)

The Simple Tool

So, the simple tool Shane just shared to his email list subscribers is an invitation to use what he’ll be doing/using for 2018. Okay, so it’s a Google docs spreadsheet – nothing fancy, but, he has set it up in a simple, manageable way to track your progress. Here’s a link to his post where he explains more about it.

2018 goal setting
2018 Progress Chart

What I like about it

Even though it’s only using Google spreadsheet, I like the idea of using color blocks to show your progress. The only numbers involved mainly represent each week – 52 blocks – and easily give you an indication of where you’re at.

Shane also breaks down his with challenges, focus skills, and books. He talks about these in his video post, but, you could easily come up with your own areas of focus. I personally, don’t really read books that often. I read a lot in my 20’s, but, feel I already have enough to work on (by applying what I’ve learned from previous books) that, I’m not really looking for anything.

One thing I could do in place of books, is, input blog posts or blogs I follow, or something related to that.

The other thing that is helpful, is knowing that others are using it and someone who is as successful as Shane. (I really don’t know how successful he is, but, I’m sure he doesn’t waste his time and resources on stuff that doesn’t work.)

How about it?

What do you think? Nothing fancy, but could turn out to be the tool that keeps you moving along in 2018. It’s something you can easily do and start yourself.

Speaking of progress…

This is a great video. I like it because it’s a casual conversation between Tony Robbins, Frank Kern and John Reese. There’s no audience or workshop setting…it’s just some very successful people talking about progress. I’ve watched/listen to it a few times and really like the easy flow of discussion.

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