Understanding Your Personal Vibration Frequency

The Crossings Park
Sunset at The Crossings Park, Colonie NY by Ryan Naylor

Your consistency is directly related to your vibrational frequency. Your thought consistency, your emotional consistency, your behavioral consistency. What you are being consistently is your dominant frequency, and produces your life experience.

Though you cannot hear or see radio waves, you can see and hear their presence through your television or radio, with the right frequency or channel.

Your emotions are your indicators of the frequency you are emitting, or giving off into the Universe. You can’t see these, but you certainly can feel your emotions. So, when you are feeling sad, for example, you’re vibrating those sad frequencies.

This may sound a bit silly, but, most of us have entered a room where you can feel the energy. You here this a lot from musicians and other live entertainers when they say “the crowd was feeding me” or, “I could feel their reaction.” That’s when you can pick up on how someone is feeling.

How Your Frequency Affects Your Life

Most of us can understand and accept how we feel in the moment is related to what is going on in that moment, yet, we never seem to notice how it relates to the following moments, or our future life experiences.

It is at this point where many would deny that how they are feeling is literally related to the quality of life they live. To them, emotions are just emotions and nothing more. At best, they are seen as a way to communicate with others how we are feeling…or, hide what they are feeling. Using our emotions to communicate is helpful when we are children, in danger, or even getting your point across.

Why your emotions important

As I said above, your emotions are the tell-tale signals of your vibrational output; they tell you what you are sending out to the Universe and those around you.

Very simply, do you think a happy feeling person is going to attract happy people or miserable people? Meaning, who is more inclined to connect with the happy person – the happy people are because they like being happy and being around other happy people adds to their happiness.

Basically, your thoughts link to emotions/feelings which link to more similar ones, thus building upon each other. The more you think and feel it, the longer and stronger your bond to it…like a chain. (chain of thoughts)

Chain links

So, if your leading or most common emotion and thus, vibration, is one who is grumpy, can you see how that attracts other like-minded/feeling people. This works with all emotions. And, do you think people with financial security are more likely to be happy? Is having money make life easier and more enjoyable? (generally speaking) Does having more money give you more options? Yes. This is why feeling good first, is a key indicator to attracting money. The energy, or frequency, of money relates to being happy, appreciative, high vibration because people feel good when they have it. Therefore, money is associated to, feeling good. If you’re feeling bad, it will be difficult to relate to it  because you are not vibrationally linked.

Now, I’m not saying that everyone who has money is happy, or that money makes you happy. Since money, or financial freedom, is on most peoples’ minds, it’s a topic that is easily relatable.

So, the reason your emotions are important, is because they lead you to things, people, and experiences of the same or similar vibrational frequency. You can’t go through life without emotion. Learning how to use them to create or draw to you, the life experiences you desire, is the optimal way to experience life. They’re not just indicators of how you are feeling in that particular moment, they are attractors of what’s to come.

Raising Your Vibrational Frequency

There are many ways an tons of information on how to increase your energy vibrations, so I won’t go into too many details. If you are going through motions or caught up in what’s going on, you won’t be able to switch emotional directions. What I do want to highlight are two things to remember:

  1. The first is to always head towards feeling good
  2. The second is to be aware of what you are feeling, not necessarily what you are thinking

No matter what you do, heading towards feeling good will raise your vibrational frequency. Go for a walk, play with your pet, write or sing, whatever you need to do to focus on feeling better.

What not to do

There is one thing I don’t recommend, and that’s to force yourself to feel good. What I mean is, if you’re feeling shitty because a pet died, lost your job, or feeling depressed…allow yourself to be and gradually, at your pace, move towards a better feeling. Don’t try to skip over or skip ahead and act like you are happy, when within you are not.

egg smash

If consciously moving from moving from a low vibrating feeling to a higher one is new to you, allow yourself to move at your pace – not the pace of what someone else thinks you should be.

The more you become aware of how your emotions fit you, the more control you will have in managing them. The more aware you become, the better you will get at knowing how you operate – how you function, and what is best for you, in order to get to a higher, better feeling frequency.

Though we all experience the same emotions, no one knows you better than you.

Awareness of Feeling, not just Thinking

While your thought have their own frequency, it’s the intensity of your emotions, what you are feeling about what you are thinking, that really gives fuel to your desire – or, what is not desired. That’s why focusing on your feeling is more helpful.

Of course, in order to feel better, you will have to change your thought or thoughts. Sometimes, this will be done either by simply thinking of something different – a new subject, or, giving a new meaning to the existing thought. It is the meaning you give your thoughts that ignite the emotion behind them.

Old beliefs don't bother you, it's your current beliefs. (1)


Meaning is Believing: replacing the meaning of your thoughts

I believe this is one of the most powerful advantages we have – the ability to decide what something means. Everyone has this ability; no one can be forced to believe something they don’t. They may pretend, but, only they truly no within, what they choose to believe.

What something means is a belief you have. Beliefs are learned from others or from your own experiences and have a tremendous influence on our lives. Your beliefs shape your world and your experience of the world. They decide what is acceptable and what isn’t. They dictate who can wear what, when, and how. They are that which gives contrast to each culture or society.

To change a meaning or belief, you must no longer value what that belief gives you. Every belief makes you feel something. It either feeds your ego or feeds your soul. It’s when what that something is, no longer fits into your current or newly developing lifestyle. When a meaning becomes uncomfortable, it can be a sign that you are growing and expanding – you’re creating a new opening for a new life experience.

You’ll be surprised how much a new meaning can shape your life. It will lead to new people, experiences, and adventures – all by changing the meaning of one thought.

And new experiences lead to more new adventures, people, etc. and your life expands more and more. This is the power of emotions and your vibration frequency at play.

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