The Law of Subtraction

Sign, possibility

If you are someone who wants to believe that the Law of Attraction, well…works, but have constant proof in your life that it doesn’t (what you want isn’t coming/happening), then perhaps this approach will help.

First, the Law of Attraction states: that which is like itself, is drawn. That is, the energies or vibration are similar or the same. I know I had a difficult time wondering what the hell the energy of money was? How do I know what it feels like if I don’t have it? And the solution is to imagine having it, to know how it feels. Well, that can feel kind of silly for some of us – especially if you’re new to this stuff.

So, I think a more relatable way for beginners is to use what I call, the Law of Subtraction. Since most of us focus on what we don’t want in our lives and generally think in terms of getting rid of them from our lives, the Law of Subtraction is…

to subtract what you do not want in your life, focus on what you do want.

I believe this is a bit more easier to grasp, it’s more straightforward. For beginners, I think it’s easier to switch thinking of something, rather than trying to match the energy of something.

Once you get into the habit, or awareness of switching your thoughts, then you can add the energy or feeling good about it wanting what you desire.

It’s a micro step, but, one that millions of people do not apply. Consistently doing this puts you on a more desired life path.


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