Who I am and Why I’m here Post

I figured I should learn about the basics, so I signed up for the blogging fundamentals 14 day course. So, this is it, my first assignment…write a who I am and why I’m here post. So lets get to it and be like Agent Smith…me, me, me.

My Youth
Me, center-bottom with long hair sitting on skateboard with friends. This was probably 1993. I think this was the parking lot of the Poestenkill Gorge and we were cliff jumping. 

About me

I’m an eternal spiritual being just like you and this is my experience as Ryan Naylor.

I’m 41 and am self employed as a interior house painter.

Skateboarding was my sport for about 10 years, and I bought one this summer to get back into it a bit.

Always been a deep thinker, introspective, observational type person. Never was into religion but was raised Catholic. While the church was of no interest, I did feel a sense that Jesus knew what he was talking about and that church leaders misunderstood him.

Did all the self searching stuff in my late teens and 20’s. Traveled around the U.S. a few times…sometimes alone, some with friends. I enjoy the feeling of beach towns and the majestic beauty of the mountains…looking at nature never gets old.

I was born in Troy, NY and currently live here. I have also lived in Florida, Colorado and briefly in California while at the Mount Madonna Center. I’ve had about 25 jobs. Some favorites were my year of service with AmeriCorps my three seasons at the Omega Institute. I also enjoyed jobs where I stocked shelves – putting things neatly in order feels good. That’s probably why I like painting too – it feels good when things are clean and fresh.

Made numerous attempts at community college, though I would usually lose interest and never finished.

Some bands/music I like: Sepultura, Megadeth, Slayer, Day Wave, Angels and Airwaves, Nora Jones, Ani Difranco, Lord Huron, classical, Bossa Nova, Snapcase, Quicksand.

Books/authors: Jim Collins, Marcus Buckingham, A Course In Miracles, Esther & Jerry Hicks, Eckart Tolle.

Never married and no kids.

Why did I start this blog?

I would say it’s for a few reasons:

  1. to be more myself
  2. help others learn to be who they truly are
  3. make lots of money doing it

Much of this point in my life is about being as authentic as I can. It’s really about establishing a solid foundation from which to live my life as I truly desire. I believe much of my past experiences and attempts to be successful were rooted in a sense of falseness. Though I believed my idea was good, I could never align or make the right connections. This blog is about starting from scratch, in some respect.

I recently came into the Law of Attraction teachings of Abraham and Esther and Jerry Hicks. And when they talk about getting into alignment and resistance and understanding that everything is energy, all that now makes sense to me when I look back at my life. I was constantly out of alignment with my desires. I was busy doing instead of simply being.

Funny thing is, I remember telling friends when I was a teenager how I always got what I wanted and was therefore careful with what I asked for. I was really easy going and never struggled or forced things to happen.

It was in my late 20’s and all of my 30’s that I was trying to make my life work. I got caught up in what I was supposed to be or expected to be doing, and lost sight of allowing life to happen. When I turned 40, I wouldn’t say I had a mid-life crisis, but, it was then that I really started to re-evaluate my life. It had felt like I was stagnant for a good decade and didn’t understand why?

Now I’m using what I learn from Abraham and applying (meditate daily, remind myself to focus on feeling good, breath deep, etc.) it to my life. I want to get back on track and live the life I was meant to live. I’m a fun person to be around and now it’s about sharing life with people I truly connect with.

I want the second half of my life to be truly amazing – from driving/owning luxury cars, living in nice homes, traveling, getting married, kids, pets, and simply enjoying the amazing aspects of life on Earth.

It’s time to Self Start My Life.


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