How Low Will You Go to Connect With Those Around You?

barn window
Window of opportunity

Your looking for resonance with humanity that surrounds you rather than with your own Vortex. – Abraham-Hicks

For those of you looking to or working on transitioning to a better version of yourself, connecting with old friends or family will likely stir up uneasiness as you remold yourself. At least those you no longer resonate with.

You may even feel like you are flying solo for a bit, when in reality you are re-establishing a stronger connection to your inner Self. You are not really alone; this is simply the space between. As they say, it is the space between the notes that creates the music. This is your time of raising your vibrations and cultivating what is happening within. You made this decision for a reason – and that reason is simply to live a more joyous life.

Though you may be tempted to return or even revisit old ways, you will instantly realize the desire is no longer there. It is no longer you. You no longer see yourself in that way. Make an acknowledgement of this moment, and move on. And when it happens again, do the same.

You cannot really leave anyone behind, but you can prevent yourself from moving forward. This is your life – live it and make yourself happy!

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