People Start From 1 of 4 Places

Yosemite Falls
Yosemite Falls. Photo by Ryan Naylor

I recently did a facebook ad (they gave me a $50 credit when I created a page for S.S.Y.L.) and this ad reached 679 people and got 104 post engagements. I was pleasantly surprised with the response, so here’s what the ad said:

Everything starts with you. People usually act/start from 1 of 4 places…frustration, stagnation, desperation, or inspiration.

I know there are really other places or states of mind you can start from, but, those are the ones that popped in my head as I created the ad.

But the purpose of the ad was to show how you really do have control and can guide and direct your life experiences from how you approach, life. Or, what’s going on, or what you would like to happen. What you experience depends on your starting point.

The 4 (common) Starting Options


I think this definition sums up this feeling…”The prevention of the progress, success, or fulfillment of something.”

That’s is. It’s the feeling we get when something we want doesn’t happen ever, or not when we want it to. Either way, the disappointment can easily lead to frustration, even aggravation. The sooner you allow yourself to let this emotion play out, being or getting active will help. If you need to do jumping jacks, karate kicks, or a minute of deep breathing. No, this probably won’t change the situation, but you will be able to face it from a better perspective.


Like frustration, stagnation signifies a lack of growth or progress. The obvious difference is, nothing seems to be happening, which will often lead to frustration.

Starting from a point of stagnation is simply being and doing the same thing, yet expecting new results. I am guilty of this, as for years I complained about my life situation and wondering why what I wanted, never occurred. In regards to the Law of Attraction, this is described as everything (a desired object, event, etc.) as having two subjects – having what you want and not having what you want.

For example, if I desire a new home or place to live, and my primary reason for this desire is because I am focused on the things I don’t like about my current home, then, that is what I’ll continue to experience – the things I don’t like because that is where I’m focused – even though my desire is for a new home. My attention is on the things I don’t like, rather than the good feeling of relief when in my new home, which is what I really desire.

This mis-directed focus will lead to your life experience as appearing to stay the same.


Desperation, I believe, is one of the worst places to start from. In this state, you have pinned yourself to a wall, or into a corner and leads you to make decisions that often have strings attached.

If you are one who can easily go with the flow, this might not be bad, and even exciting. I would do this at times when I walked out on jobs as I would get a rush and sense of freedom and exhilaration as to not knowing what was going to happen next. This isn’t ideally a healthy way to live as, you are basically going blind, with no idea of direction. The only thing that is important to someone is this state, is to quickly get out of it any way they can.

My best advice, or what I’m learning to do, is to consciously direct my thoughts and desires to what I do want, instead of aimlessly going from here to there. It’s fine to go with the flow, as long as what you’re flowing in, feels good.


The word inspiration is derived from Old French inspiracion for the use in Holy Books circa 1300. The meaning being, inhaling, breathing in,..the immediate influence of God…

I recently saw a promotional video of Anne Leibovitz talking about one of her favorite photos. It was of a woman, an artist, who is sitting on her bed. The woman explained that she just sits there and waits to be inspired. Annie was moved by this notion and asked her to do just that, which she did, and the photo was taken.

I think it’s a beautiful example of inspiration. I used to over analyze about being inspired or acting from inspiration – but, that’s the beauty of it – you never know when it will strike. It’s kinda like how you’ll never know when you’ll meet the special one who will take your breath away. But, when you see him or her, it just happens – and there is nothing you can do but feel good about having done so.

I believe there are ways to be in a state of inspiration more often, and that is to simply find something, some reason, to enjoy and appreciate what’s around you at all times. There is always something you can be fascinated with, that will just astound you at it’s presence.

Or, you can just look at kids, cats and dogs. That works too.


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