The World is a Makerspace for Creators

The world is what you make it. It’s you world. Once it sinks in that everything seen is simply an idea someone had, then took action to make it so, you soon realize how the world we live in, is, literally make-believe.

Religions. Made up.

Governments. Made up.

Money. Made up.

Buildings. Made up.

These words and meanings attached to them are made up.

Titles, roles, identities…all pretend.

What is real, is the never-ending ability to create.

You are creating every day. With your thoughts, words, & actions; The trifecta of creation.

Another way to look at it is to see everything as a tool, a device, or a source of inspiration to express who you are in that moment.

Creating never ends because you never end.

That’s powerful.

That’s who you are…

eternal, creating, power.

The question is, what is the Source of your power?



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