Using Guided Meditations

Would having someone speak and guide your thoughts towards more personal empowering ideal version of your life, body, or even past experience be beneficial to you? Guided meditations and hypnotic trances have been one of my most used tools over the past year.


What I like about Guided Meditations

  1. They make me feel good – It’s simply nice to hear someone speaking encouragement to you, genuinely, at the press of a play button.
  2. They remind me of my point of attraction – Whether I’ve had a frustrating day, bad nights’ sleep or just need a reminder that the people and events of this world are no better or worse than me, a guided meditation gives me hope.
  3. There are many to choose from – from professionally done and amateur made, to yoga themed or money attraction – finding one that speaks to you and your needs is easy.

Who I listen to

There are two primary ones instructors I’ve been listening to consistently for about a year now. The first in Paul McKenna.

Paul McKenna is a hypnotist and his guided trance topics range from losing weight, gaining confidence, self-empowerment and even removing sugar from your diet.

I listened to Change Your Life in 7 Days for a good six months straight. I can’t say my life changed in 7 days, but, at the time I mainly listened to it for the positive feedback. And still do.

I’ve purchased some of his other books, like, The 3 Things that Will Change Your Destiny. It’s easy reading and the techniques work, but I think can be more effective for those new to it and have an open mind. Any healing that happens to us is more from our own willingness to allow, than it is from the practitioner. (I don’t get the impression he takes credit for what he does, as he doesn’t charge for sessions – he’s more about showing you the power of your own mind.)

The other one I listen to daily, for the most part, is Getting into the Vortex Guided Meditations by Esther and Jerry Hicks. (Abraham)

This CD/book include 4 guided meditations running 15 minutes each. The topics are General Well Being, Financial Well Being, Physical Well Being, and Relationships. If you decided to listen to them, I highly recommend you get the book too. The content and details in the book that go with each meditation is just as valuable as the meditations.

Use what (who) works for You

Those above are just a small selection of what’s out there. I honestly have not looked much further than those – I am happy with them, and for that reason, they work for me.

I know there are other more yogic or actual “meditation” techniques where the instructor tells you how you should sit, where to place your hands, and all that. I don’t think God or your Spirit really cares how your body looks. I say make yourself comfortable, and just sit and breathe. If your mind wanders, oh well, it’ll come back once you notice.


Final note…

As I was just looking at this site, it occurred to me that another benefit from these guided meditations is that you can do them on your own, in your home. Nice.



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