Does God Really Bless America?


One of the most bizarre statements I ever heard was,

“May God bless America.” What does that even mean?

It doesn’t make any sense?

Does God really decide each day what country or person receives His blessing, and who doesn’t?

Does He spin His blessing wheel and where the arrow lands is who is deemed worthy.

“Ah, yes. America! I shall bless America because that politician said so…and it’s that time of year again.”

God already blessed everything and everyone for all eternity. It’s done. One fell swoop, eons ago.

His blessing doesn’t wear out.

It doesn’t get beaten down or destroyed because of some bad people…or people you decide not to like.

Saying. “God bless America” does not make you closer to God, elevate you above any group of people. And, it certainly doesn’t make America better, by saying so.

It does two things…it either makes you feel good from saying it because it comes from a place within you that loves all and sees all as Gods’ creation, or…

it gives you a false sense of power.

A blessing is not an act of separation, that’s what a judgement is.

And God does not do that either.

“God works in mysterious ways.”





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