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This post/topic doesn’t have much to do with the purpose of the blog, but, then again, it must because I was inspired by it.

I’ve attempted starting and keeping a blog many times before and recently started again. (this one) Mainly to help start my life in more desired direction, and the other reason is to keep productive while not working my day job. (interior painter)

Twirling Shadow

The Title Prompt

So the reason for the headline inspiration was a result of the first two bloggers who liked my blog/post. And looking at their blogs, why they started them and their styles triggered the 3 words above of what I believe most successful blogs incorporate. And successful can mean financially and/or a steady, growing, consistent following.

The first blog I felt has good content and it’s own personality, but no product or revenue source.

The second blog has relevant content and products, but, to me, not much personality as it leans more to selling its products.

Do they need to have all three? Is one way right and the other wrong? Of course not. It’s all up to the blogger how they choose to best express themselves and their content and their overall goal. But when I relate those 3 words – product, personality, content – to each of these blogs, certain ones are apparent, while other components are missing.

The 3 Blog Components


Having a product or products, or some sort of revenue stream is a goal for many bloggers. I know it is for me. But, should it be the primary focus? Yes, it may depend on your readers/target market and is ultimately, up to the site owner.

I believe for most, it would be best to focus on the blogs personality and content first. I think establishing your own writing rhythm and style will help draw in readers (clients/customers) who are more suited for the items you sell. I believe working on your blog content and blog personality will also give you an immediate view of who you’re attracting, and whether or not you feel your content is attracting your ideal reader. And who is your ideal reader? It’s not the person you can make a sale to, it’s the person who will benefit most from what you offer. Big difference.

Your Blog Personaility

This may be the most fun of the three. It’s where your own personality clearly comes through your blog. Sure, your blog should be about the reader and providing the best content you can, but, it’s also should be about you and how you’re using it to grow, expand personally. The blog is part of your life – an aspect of who you are and how you see yourself. This will develop and be known over time and will likely change as your desires do.

Your Blog Content

Providing blog content is probably the biggest hurdle for most bloggers – especially starting out. Writing a blog and continually giving original content is not something that we are taught to do. The idea is still fairly new as it’s only been around 20 years or so. (A quick Google search says the concept was started in 1994 by Justin Hall. See what you started, Justin. Is there a blogging hall of fame?)

Back to content. 

Providing content is a craft. For some reason I feel that there will be a new version or way of mixing content and almost making it a reader/blogger collaboration. Not really sure what I mean, but, I think the way of writing as I am now – and you reading, as you are now – will be a blending of some sorts. Maybe it is, already?

I know many serious and established bloggers have ideas, and topics lined up as they plan their posts weeks or months in advance. This is the crafting part of blogging. It’s making and creating a form of useful, entertaining information. If you’re new and having a hard time getting started, that’s where you’re at. The more you think about it, and act on those sparks of inspiration, they will little by little, gather and grow. What I do is, when I get an idea for a post, is to simply write it in as a headline and save the draft. That way, I don’t forget about it and it’s always there as a reminder or backup. If I look through my draft headlines and feel an urge of inspiration – as with this post, I’ll starting typing and see what comes out.

The more fun you have with it, by adding and allowing your personality to come through, the less you will be concerned about who reads it or how many.

Feedback? Thoughts? Suggestions?

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