Anger, Depression, and House Cleaning

I like anger. Perhaps, I like how it can be used. Anger is a great tool for release. I suppose you could say that’s what anger is – a release. But so are joy and laughter. Well, it doesn’t matter. The point is to use it when it arises, and not let it use you.

Propel from Depression

Depression happens. We all get those times when we are just stuck, unmotivated, or feeling loathsome. Even when we are experiencing depression, we are aware that we are doing so.

I use anger when I’m getting to a point where I’m just sick and tired of being sad, shallow, whatever. I’m over it and want it to be over. If I can’t distract myself and slide out of it, I’ll just yell, scream, throw a pillow – or something to let out a quick release. The idea is to get energy flowing, your energy.

If I’m not at that point where I can easily move from depression to anger, allow myself to be. I don’t fight it.

Allowing yourself to be creates an opening, a gap for a replacement. That’s really what you’re doing – replacing one undesired emotion with a more desired one – at least for a short time.

It’s important not to force this – you have to allow yourself to create this opening, this invitation to relieve yourself from depression. This may take a few minutes or hours. I usually lie down – life feels better when you’re in bed, doesn’t it?

A New Direction

Depression and anger are also useful in that point you in the direction you truly desire. Sure, these emotions have their place and you can visit them if you like, but, because you know you don’t like to experience them, you also know what you’d rather be experiencing – what you do like.

This is part of the enormous contrast of this world. And this everyday contrast is what generates our desires, which lead to our life experience. Without contrast there wouldn’t be anything to experience.

House Therapy

I noticed in my teens that I cleaning made me feel good. Well, better if I wasn’t feeling good. So, when I’m not having a great day or just feeling down, I begin cleaning or organizing. I suppose it’s a reason why I do interior painting for a living – it just feels good to make spaces look better.

It’s best to gradually move from a low state than it is to try and force or make yourself feel good. Though, I do snap out of a depressed state using anger as described above. It’s then a matter of continuing to move up the emotional scale as described by Abraham-Hicks in their book Ask and it is Given.

Abraham-Hicks Emotional Scale



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