Relationships: The Essence of the Law of Attraction

If you’re like most, and hear someone talking about the Law of Attraction, you may think it’s mainly about getting whatever you want in life. That, is the by-product.


Hello Me, Nice to Meet You

At the heart of the LoA is learning how to relate to yourSelf. It’s the relationship between the physical you and the non-physical you, your spirit. This is vital because your non-physical you communicates to you through your emotions, how you feel. Quite simply, when you feel good, you’re in alignment with your spirit. When you don’t, you have stepped aside of this alignment…you’re out of line.

Your Emotions and the Law of Attraction

I will admit, this was a bit new to me. I wasn’t expecting so much emphasis on emotions when learning about the LoA. Maybe I heard all this before but wasn’t ready to listen until recently. So if you’re thinking the same thing and you’re reading this, maybe you’re ready to be open to it.

Feeling Good

Feeling good, without a doubt, is your everyday target. Every action, thought, behavior is linked to you wanting to feel good. Even when people hurt themselves – physically, mentally, spiritually – they are doing so because they believe it will make themselves feel better. (if not then and now, then sometime in the future.)

Your emotions are vital for the LoA because they radiate a lot of energy, which is you vibrating. The Universe receives those vibrations as a desire from you and responds in kind. The LoA acts like a matchmaker, managing and setting things up so to speak, so that your life experience matches that of your vibrations. It knows what you want and how to make it happen, as fast as you allow.


How Your Spirit Relates to Fulfilling Your Desires

All your desires are experienced and known by your spirit. It is you, after-all. The difference is, it does not judge as you do in your physical body. It knows your purpose here is to be a joyful being, to experience life as a delightful adventure. It knows all the things in the physical world are to help guide you to create what you want your world to be; not what someone else thinks it should be.

Your non-physical you is always in a state of joy, of love. And, it is always communicating this to you by how you feel. It will not force this upon you. This is so because we can choose to not feel its happiness. We think we must do something in order to get what we want. The reality is, the main thing we need to do is listen to our inner Spirit. Then, act, or do, from there.

The point is, if you want things to come to you…to attract the things, people, and experiences you desire, then you have to be kind to yourself. If you resist the joy that is being given to you, communicated to you – from you – then, you are only dis-allowing what you want.

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