From Know How to Now Allow

One of the first things that struck me while getting into the Law of Attraction, was the way the word resistance was used. It was used to explain why it is we don’t get what we want or desire. It explains why we get angry, upset, frustrated, etc.

There are many examples of the use of resistance…this is a quote from the Getting into the Vortex Guided CD/book:

Over time, by focusing upon your breathing while hearing the perspective of Source in the background, the resistant thoughts you have picked up along your physical trail will be released, and your natural alignment with the Source within you will return. Through the hearing of these words in your relaxed state of allowing, you will allow the gentle tuning of your Vibrational frequency to match the frequency of your Source.

Click here to listen to excerpt.

I need to know how…

Learning to allow or even accept the concept of it will most likely take time for many. We are so driven by the world around us – pleasing others, getting this done, setting dates and deadlines – that we have forgotten to allow.

We think that if I am not doing something, that nothing will get accomplished! That, we need to know how something will get done – every step of the way. There is nothing wrong with this, planning steps, outlines, etc. It’s just that relying on how, means you are relying only upon yourself and/or others. And if someone slips up…better watch out.

Using the Law of Attraction, your job/role/part is not to know how, it is to allow. Allowing uses the energy of the Universe – which is always consistent and reliable – when you learn to allow it.

Resisting is not Listening

Good things, energy, circumstances, people, are always heading your way – including your desires. Resistance matches you to what you do not want, while allowing matches you to what you do want.

When does resistance occur?

Lets say you are desiring a new job. When that desire comes from you because you remind yourself, tell yourself/others of the reasons you do not like your current job, therefore, leads to your desire of a new one – you are resisting. Though you may be focused on the new job desire – your reasons for wanting one are energized by your unhappiness as you think, talk about why you don’t like it.

Now, if you talked about the desire for your new job and what it would be like, feel like and how fulfilling it would be – then, your attention or focus of it, is energized with good feelings. Feeling good while thinking, talking, putting your attention on your desire will help draw it to you – or to people/circumstances that will lead to it.

Resisting is thinking and/or feeling bad about your desire because it is not in your life. Allowing is thinking/feeling good about your desire, though it is not in your life, because you know it will feel so good when it is!

The Sun and the Flower

Just as a flower knows it needs the sun in order for it to open and show its beauty to the world, you, me, and everyone else need to be like the flower.

We know we need to feel good in order to show the world and more importantly, ourselves, the beauty that is within us. Feeling good is letting the sun, or Love, shine upon us and through us.

As long as we are in the shade, resisting the sun, we will not bloom. We not expand and experience life and ourSelves in our truest sense. The sun desires to see the flower bloom so it can see its inner beauty. Likewise, Love/God/Source desires to see us bloom – as we are linked – so it too, can experience It’s own beauty and creation.

The flower

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