Be the Person You want to be Around

Be the person

It’s often at night when I get inspiring thoughts. And it was last night when I got this one…

“Be the person you want to be around.”

The statement really makes me think about who I desire to be and reminds me that in order to be that person, I need to be that person now.

Becoming Your Future You, Today.

Anyone who’s done self development or self improvement knows that in order to live a new desired life, you have to be that desired future version of yourself in the present.

For years I’ve heard the Be, Do, Have mantra. I think I first read about it in the Conversations with God books. It may have been earlier, but, it was at that moment I started to give it a deeper look. Now, with recently learning about the Law of Attraction and the teachings of Abraham, that phrase, Be-Do-Have, is starting to sink in.

That statement, Be the person I want to be around, helps me reinforce the be-ing part and quickly reminds myself who I’m being while linking it to my desired future. For years I never quite felt what that meant. I would usually apply be-ing with the phrase, fake it until you make it. That just never worked. Usually, it resulted in my trying to impress people or get attention, a pathetic pat on the back. It was that way of being, impressing others, that was pointing me in the wrong direction.

Becoming and Being a New You

So, what does it feel like to be the person you would like to be?

Paul McKenna goes over this in his guided hypnosis trance recordings. He says things like, “see yourself floating into that version of yourself.” “Feel what it’s like to be in that body.” “Make the colors bigger, brighter, bolder.”

The idea is to make an emotional connection to this idea of yourself. This helps develop better feeling habits about ourselves, to replace them with the old patterns of thought that have lead you and keep you where you are presently.

But I’m not there yet!

This is probably one of the biggest challenges in personal growth – I know it is for me -being fixated on what your current situation, and linking it with your future preferred experience.

This is what Abraham refers to as, you can’t get there from there.

I didn’t quite get that when I first heard it. It simply means you can’t feel bad and expect it to lead to good feeling experiences. Another way of saying it is the definition of insanity – you can’t keep doing [being] the same thing and expect to get different results.

So how do you change that? The answer is simple, but, it will take effort. And that is to consciously choose thoughts that feel good. When you catch yourself complaining about your current situation, think of something, anything, that makes you feel good. You want to start replacing your old thoughts with new ones. This will take time and effort.

Enjoy the Process

You will never stop wanting or desiring to grow and have new experiences. It is often implied that we need to settle down, grow up, or grow out of it. I’m not saying not to relax or not change. I’m saying that we need to teach and allow ourselves to experience grander versions of ourselves.

If you’re feeling stuck, bored, or unfulfilled, then, before you do something about it – especially if you’re looking for a lasting change – you need to train yourself to be that thing.

It’s a process. Be grateful that you can change. Be grateful that you can feel that desired change immediately – you don’t have to wait for permission. You just have to allow yourself to feel good while you head in your desired direction. The fact that you do feel good about it, is an indicator that it’s possible and can happen…if you stop resisting.




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